Gobs of fun

I always have grand plans of grandeur. However, it turns out I do need to sleep at some point.  I am having the best time making my soaps and going to the different markets, meeting new people and when returning customers tell me how much they love what I make.  But Pink Clementine isn’t my everyday job.  I also own and run a plumbing company with my husband.  Now please, dear reader, don’t think I am complaining.  OH NO!  I love my life.  I do, however, tend to set lofty goals for myself.  I must remember that that part of being a good business owner, mom and wife is taking care of myself too.  It may be exhausting setting up and manning a market booth for two days and then tearing down BUT  I enjoy it.  I meet the most wonderful artists and crafts-people, we laugh and make money to supply our crafts all at the same time.  So even though I come home Sunday afternoons exhausted, I am happy.

I will just have to be patient with myself and get it ALL done when I can.  I have found that by organizing my time I do get more done, I also find that life sometimes get in the way of most well thought out plans.  I will continue to eat my elephant one bite at a time.  Pink Clementine will have a beautiful and complete web site one day, just not right this minute.  I am learning and growing and being happy…….and having GOBS of fun.


So exciting……..


New year – new soaps!

I have been very busy getting ready for the new season.  It was a magical Christmas.  I completely sold out!  That is why my poor blog has not been up dated and my big exciting plans have been delayed, not cancelled just delayed.  But I have renewed vigor and the shelves are filling quickly.  The other thing that has occupied my time is our family business, Tap 2 Drain Plumbing, is moving from our home based office to a new office!  I am also having to hire new plumbers.  If you know any  have them send a resume to – info@tap2drinplumbing.com.   Between that and the kids and the house I’m moving and grooving.  I have been getting better about taking pictures while I work and putting then on instagram and facebook and pinning to pinterest .  Oh and the knitting too.  I have just about completed a pair of socks and have started a top down Icelandic sweater, I’ll post picts of those coming up too.  See why I’m so excited!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We took the kids to my mom’s house in Palm Springs.  It wasn’t as hot as we would have liked it but it was sure better then the snow storm they had at home.  It was a lovely Christmas!  And Santa brought tickets to Disneyland!  Woohoo Santa.  2 Days in Disney was so much fun.  It was so beautiful all decorated for Christmas, but the highlight for me was when it snowed on Main Street while the fireworks where going on.  I can’t help myself  I am a big Disney nerd!


I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes, but I really do get a lot accomplished when I set myself BIG FAT goals.  So as before I hope to be posting some videos to YouTube soon and the web site will be reloaded with goodies as well.  It just might take me a little longer – no worries – how do you eat an elephant…..one bite at a time.




Yes I am back from my travels to Bali.  I can tell you it was very, very hard to come home.  I love Bali, the people, the warmth and I didn’t have to cook, clean or do anyone’s laundry the entire time!   I will be posting some pictures early October and some news about some Bali inspired soaps and décor we have planned.  But reality has come knocking at the door (well truth be told it kicked the door down) and here we are back to work.

So what’s the big news?  Well today our website has finally launched.  As of now we are just in the testing stage.  Checking to see the processes, links -(insert techy language here)- are all working.  We will be OFFICALLY Launching Oct 1 2015.  So keep you eyes posted to our Facebook page here for a very special WEBSITE LAUNCH COUPON.  We are so excited and would really love some feedback.  So please go check it out and drop us a line.

October 1 we will be all official but that’s not the end of the great stuff happening in our studio.  OH NO IT AIN’T!  We have loads more so keep checking back here, on our web site, on pintrest , facebook, instagram and soon youtube……oh yes I said it.



Leaving on a jet plane….

Our family is going on a fantastic trip and we are SUPER excited!  On Saturday we will be flying to Hong Kong for three days then on to Bali for two weeks.  I know right!!!!  The only down side to this is our web site will be delayed till I get back.  I know try not to be sad.  However there is a bonus…..NEW soaps are on the rack curing: Under the Sea, Good Cupa Joe, Sugar Plum Fairy, Night Garden, cupcakes and Unicorn POOP.  So when I get back I will announce a giveaway for the web site GRAND OPENING!!  So look forward to something cool!  I will also be posting pictures of our trip and inspiration photos for soap.  Wish us luck and see you soon


Whats going down in the soapy kitchen!

Oh I have so much to tell you.  It’s been moving fast around here and big things are happening.  In no particular order here we go

Our web site www.pinkclementinedesign.com will be launching.  I have spent many, many long hours creating a fun beautiful place to find creative and unique soaps, home items and knit and knitwear.  All the things we love and know you will love too.  I would love some feedback once we launch and will be continuously adding new products and soaps.

Speaking of soaps on the curing rack right now is “a good cup of jo” a creamy coffee scrub soap with real coffee, shea butter and avocado oil.  Also racked and curing is Origin.  Fun bright colours and a to-die for smell, I will not be held responsible for wrinkled fingers from showering to much.

More soaps are in the works either in design or testing phases so check back here and I’ll post more asap as well as some pictures.

Last but not least I will be at the Mission City Farmers Market again on August 15.  I will be on Holidays from Aug 28-Sept 15.  The back at the farmers market on Sept 19.  My family and are going to Hong Kong and Bali.  I’m super excited and will be posting about it here and on facebook.

One really last thing.  I will be starting to film for launch of our youtube channel in September.  If there is anything particular you would like to see please comment.    Should be interesting.



What are people thinking…..

Now keep in mind this is just my two cents.  I belong to several Facebook groups for crafting bath and body products.  In general they are great places to learn new things and keep on trend.  BUT…..  And this is an awfully big but…..  Why are people so mean??  I’m not in love with everything everyone put on these sites but I would NEVER make a negative comment.  Just because it’s not my taste doesn’t mean a million other people won’t love it.  Nor would I ever say horribly inappropriate things like “I could make it cheaper”.  Would these people say these things to the Artists’ face?  My other favorite I actually encountered over the weekend at the farmers market was ” Oh more soap its all the same”.  I countered, very politely…even though I didn’t feel it…. Actually every ARTIST is different, like saying all sculptors are the same because the use stone. The customer ended up buying $25 dollars and thanking me by the end.  Not gonna lie, felt good.  I tell my kids – “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all”  and  “We are all different because if we are all the same it would be very, very boring”.    So if you have ever been picked on or belittled on the interweb stay strong, there is someone out there looking at your beautiful creations and THEY WILL BUY.

Great Cakes Soapworks June 2015 Challenge

Round 3

Round 3

Oh Ebru how you vex me……..

Round one:  I had big ideas.  I searched every Ebru tag on Pintrest and Google I could find.  I found a beautiful picture of dandy lions gone to seed in a sunset.  I found an Ebru of a tree.  I THOUGHT I could marry these to images.  I faithfully took pictures of my materials and began my process.  Pineapple and Cilantro FO from BB.  The usual slo mo recipe………




Beautiful CHUNKY colour.

Well that didn’t go well at all. The batter moved to fast and the colours started to clump instead of flow.  I got frustrated so I smoothed the top and added gold glitter….glitter makes everything better.

Round two:

Failure is just a steeping stone to success…..some times I trip on the stepping stone and let me let you I am not at all coordinated.  Can we say FAIL!



This time it was tropical passion fruit from Voyager.  Didn’t move as fast but still not as fluid as it should be.  Got frustrated again….more glitter.

So now I’m peeved and thinking well forget it I just won’t enter.  That’s a lot of soap to not be happy with.

Round three.

Because I’m stubborn.

I will not be defeated! Gillian (my sister and head minion) wanted a sweet orange soap without all the fuss (her words) so I made her a simple soap and had extras left over because I forgot to adjust my usual recipe to exclude the piping.  So I put it in my small tester slab mold.  Then I though, meh, why don’t I add some activated charcoal to a bit of the left overs and use my bamboo skewer to “ebru” it.  Meh, why not.   My inspiration was Amy Warden’s first ebru soap.  I’m actually kind of miffed it turned out so nice.  All my prep and hard work, colour combos and painstaking fragrance selection all for not.

So there you have it.  I’m calling it “Round Three”.


Amy Warden Great Cakes Soapworks.

Round 3

Round 3